When traders are fully immersed in monitoring watchlists and price movements, placing orders on another screen can be inconvenient. With the Score Priority platform, you can directly place and modify your trades without leaving the chart.

Manage your trades, monitor your indicators, and view your watchlists from one place by using our trading from charts feature. Click on “NEW ORDER” to place an order and drag up or down to set prices. You can place a market limit or a conditional order. You can also place an OCO (“One Cancels the Other”) order, which lets you place stop loss and take profit orders at the same time. And if a stock has options, you can click on the option chain and see the option data from that stock.

Here’s how it works.

To place an order, hover over the charts and find “Place an order.”

When you click on the blue plus sign, three buttons should appear.

The first blue button adds an order ticket for market orders.

The green button is a limit order buy ticket, and red is a sell/short ticket.

You can click “TP” for take profit orders to sell if you hit a certain profit, and “SL” to add stop loss orders to sell if the position goes down a certain amount.

You can see these exit points with the red lines on the chart.

Place trades and develop your strategy without taking your eyes off your chart. For more information, check out the tutorial video below.