Clients can trade on Sterling Trader® Pro powered by Lime Execution’s low latency network.


Not all traders are the same.

Some traders may hold a position for several weeks, while others may trade once a day. There are also traders who execute a large number of trades in a day, and they depend on an increased fill rate.

Now, these traders can access Sterling Trader® Pro on the Score Priority platform, unlocking a full-service order routing and management suite that supports professional traders, leading broker/dealers, clearing firms, hedge funds, and buy-side trading institutions.

You may be familiar with Sterling Trader® Pro with other services, but what’s different about the offering with Score Priority? 

The answer: Score Priority clients can trade using technology powered by Lime Execution. 



Lime Execution was originally founded to cater to the needs of high frequency hedge funds looking for low latency. As a division of Score Priority that offers institutional products and services, Lime’s technology is now available for traders using Sterling Trader® Pro.

Powered by Lime Execution’s low latency network, traders who qualify can use the Sterling Trader® Pro front end and unlock institutional-grade market connectivity for their trading needs. Lime Execution provides clients access to all major U.S. equity market centers and most equity dark pools. The Lime Execution algorithms allow clients to intelligently router and execute orders for price and speed to market.


Lime Smart Order Router

Active traders rely on moving in and out of large positions easily, which means liquidity can impact their strategy. 

The Lime Smart Order Router (Lime SOR) is a liquidity-seeking algo that uses our low latency infrastructure to route orders between exchanges and dark venues.

Benchmark Algorithms

Our benchmark algos utilize the Lime Smart Order Router infrastructure and direct feed handling to perform algorithmic strategies. In addition to commissions, orders routed through the benchmark algorithm and the Lime Smart Router have these corresponding fees:

  • Benchmark Algorithm order types are charged a fee of $.0010/share
  • Lime Smart Router orders are charged a fee of $.0005/share

Direct Market Access (DMA) Passthrough Fees

With Sterling Trader® Pro, Score Priority will pass through fees charged and rebates given by execution venues.

Rebates for adding liquidity (posting orders to order books) are available up to $.0020/share, depending on venue.

Fees for removing liquidity (executing against orders posted to order books) are charged up to $.0030/share, depending on venue.

In addition, some venues charge fees for routing out to other venues up to $.0035/share.

Some venues route out to other venues and charge a fee for this of up to $.0035/share. Certain venues have an inverted fee structure, meaning they rebate for removing liquidity and/or charge for adding liquidity.

Special fee schedules may also apply to certain order types available at the venue, restrictions such as non-display, or based on the price of the securities, with securities priced below $1 typically having higher fees.

Certain venues, typically dark pools, have trade reporting fees that are passed on, and some venues charge fees for odd lot executions.

The fee schedule and fees are updated monthly and subject to change. A complete schedule can be provided on request.


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