We're excited to announce new features on the Score Priority Trading Platform. 


The wait is over.  

We're excited to introduce new features on the Score Priority Trading Platformavailable today. We’ve added highly requested features to make using our platform more convenient for you, so you can place orders more easily and focus on your trades.  

Our newest update includes tools and indicators to show you how to find hard-to-borrow stocks, enable hot keys for trading, place orders from charts, and set up shortcuts on the platform’s interface.  

Hard to Borrow, Easy to Find 

Locate hard-to-borrow (HTB) stocks in watchlists, header, symbol lookup, and trade ticket 

 Hard to Borrow Stocks


Faster Trading from Charts 

Right click to place orders from charts from charts 

Trading from Charts 


Look for the Logo 

See familiar logos for listed companies while you are trading 



Take the Shortcut 

Use hot keys to easily place orders without taking your hands off the keyboard 

 Hot Keys


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